A new premium Greek yogurt, made with authentic Greek yogurt cultures.

A new premium Greek yogurt, made with authentic Greek yogurt cultures.

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The Story of Meltémi

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The Meltémi.
As Ancient as Greece Herself.

Every year from May until August cool breezes blow from the North across the Aegean Sea, the Meltémi. They bring welcome relief from the summer heat, they clear the air and give us bright blue skies, they billow the sails of travelers carrying them to our beautiful shores, they remind us of our past and promise us our future.


Travel to Greece in Just One Taste

This summer we invite you to experience a new Greek yogurt that will transport you to sun warmed, wind cooled Greece. Meltémi Greek Yogurt is an authentic Greek yogurt made with heritage Greek yogurt cultures that have been used in yogurt making for hundreds of years. Our yogurt cultures give Meltémi a less sour taste and lighter, creamier texture than other Greek yogurts.

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Why Authentic is Better

Meltémi yogurts are true Greek strained yogurts, that get their thick texture from classic straining methods, not from artificial fillers or thickeners. The straining process is what makes Greek yogurt naturally rich in protein. Meltémi is made from premium, all-natural ingredients using original Greek recipes, because this is how we make yogurt in Greece. And authentic Greek yogurt tastes better and is better for you.

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