At Meltémi, we don't just like Greek yogurt, we love it. 

Papou’s donkey-the original Greek “Uber”

And this love affair began, where else, but in Greece!

Going to Greece as kids with our family was one part tradition and two parts adventure. For our parents it was a return home to the familiar, for us kids it was exciting and new. The food was fresh and delicious, a mix of things we knew by heart from our mothers’ kitchens and things we couldn’t get when we weren’t in Greece. It was on these trips that we first ate Greek yogurt. Cold and tart, with fruit and honey it seemed like a new take on something familiar. But it was also so different, a refreshing flavor that wasn’t just for breakfast. We could eat Greek yogurt with everything (and we did!). Then we’d come home and real Greek strained yogurt was nowhere to be found. What we could get at the store was good but not the same. And it definitely didn’t go with everything. We tried different brands, we even tried straining regular yogurt, but it didn’t work. We’d have to wait until we were in Greece to have authentic Greek yogurt again.

Fast forward to today, there is more Greek yogurt in America than there is in Greece, but something seems lost in translation. So much of what is labeled ‘Greek’ is not the wholesome and healthy food that we grew up with. Many brands add tons of sugar or use artificial additives to make their yogurt thick. There are flavors that make no sense, it doesn’t go with everything and our biggest pet peeve, a beautiful picture of fruit on a cup and an ingredient panel with no fruit to be found. We decided to do something about it. We decided to make our own.

We are passionate about authentic Greek strained yogurt because it is a superfood, naturally rich in probiotics, protein, calcium and amino acids. It is lower in lactose than regular yogurt. The taste is amazing and the texture is so thick and creamy. It is hard to believe something so indulgent could actually be good for you. This was something we could feel good about giving our family, honest ingredients and simple recipes.
meltemi yogurt family
A new generation learns about their roots

Meltémi Premium Greek Yogurt gets its delicious taste from heritage yogurt cultures.  These yogurt cultures have been used in traditional Greek yogurt making for hundreds of years.  We only use real ingredients, like real fruit and real vanilla beans.  And our yogurt is rich and thick because of our straining process, not because of additives or thickeners.    


We made Meltémi because we believe authentic Greek yogurt tastes better and is better for you. We made it to share that wonderful experience we had growing up with all of you.  We want you to fall in love with Greek yogurt like we did. Meltémi is the yogurt we make for our families.  We hope you will enjoy it with yours.  

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